Quick notes from the April 10 community workshop

The workshop for community input on the Sherwood Forest School Site, held on Thurs, April 10, was a great success. More than 100 residents participating in over 10 workshop tables. Councillor Branscombe was thanked for her work. there were more than 10 City planning staff facilitating at the tables.

After an opening overview, attendees spent 45 minutes creating designs. The staff could have provided some more detail on HOW to design with the pieces of “townhouse” “Park” and tennis courts, but overall it was an excellent experience. People were looking for erasers to make changes, not available; staff provided trace paper to make second designs.

It was reiterated that the City will not build this project. Once a new developer buys the land, they could rezone it again. Brian Turcotte talked about next steps being a “dot democracy” community selection of the results, likely May 7.

Overall, excellent community participation. We will need to see the interpretation by staff on May 7.


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