Update on Sherwood Forest School Site

As has been reported in the community newsletters and the community web page, since the May AGM, a committee of residents has been trying to figure out a way for the school to remain a school.

At its meeting of September 10th, the School Board will declare the Sherwood Forest Public School surplus. This triggers a process under Provincial regulations. The Board must offer a surplus school site to a number of public bodies (including the city), before entering into a sealed bid process for disposal. We are determining if the city would step in and buy the property (as they did with the Normal School in Old South), and then sell to a private school that would maintain the access the community has enjoyed. It is not an easy process because the School Board has to sell it for at least fair market value (an appraised value by a professional appraiser), and should the city buy it, the city can’t sell it for less than fair market value. The city also has policies and procedures for disposing of property.

In short, there will be a report by city staff to a committee of city council in public session on August 20th reporting if it is possible under city policies to buy the land, then sell it under a request for proposal, for a community use. Then the committee will determine what it will recommend to the full City Council for its meeting on Aug 27th.

City staff already reported on the use of local improvement charges. The report is available here.


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