Medway Valley trails

The Planning Committee of London City Council voted to pave the rest of the trail in the Medway Valley north of Fanshawe Road except for a boardwalk in the section around the bend in the Creek.  This is shown on Option 4A of Page 40 of the Medway Valley Heritage Forest North Environmentally Significant Area Trail Master Planning Study (this is a large document) (with a boardwalk instead of asphalt around the bend).  This recommendation goes to the full Council on April 16th.

This decision will likely have implications for the area of the Medway which borders Orchard Park/Sherwood Forest during the upcoming Conservation Master Plan.

The neighbourhood association on the east side of the Creek, Old Masonville, spoke in favour of the more pavement option.  Sandy Levin, from the Orchard Park Sherwood Forest Ratepayers,  spoke in favour of 5B (a less pavement option, page 44 of the attached).   Both options included an additional bridge over the Medway just south of Sunningdale Road.


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