Design Charrette for Sherwood Forest Site

At the community meeting in November at Sherwood Forest P.S., William Pol from Fanshawe gave a quick proposal for a student project. The response was overwhelmingly positive from those attending. Here is the time line.

The GIS and Urban Planning Program at Fanshawe is looking forward to undertaking a design charrette for the Sherwood Forest School. In January the students will be completing background work on the site. This would be independent site visits, policies, regulations, site design guidelines, surrounding land uses, physical characteristics and related features.

1. On Thursday February 16 from about 4 pm – 7 pm representatives of the Ratepayers will be invited to the College to meet with student teams to discuss the site, opportunities, constraints and community ideas. (location at the College to be sent later).

2. The students will spend the next week completing several designs for the site using different options and assumptions.

3. On Friday February 24 Fanshawe will host an all day session 8-5 at the College for presentations by each of the student teams on their designs. Fanshawe will invite representatives from the Ratepayers organization to participate in the evaluation process.

4. Fanshawe is interested in having students present the best projects to the community by students some time in March. (details to be worked out as to where and when)

If you have any questions, please leave a comment, or email Sandy Levin.


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