Upcoming ARC meetings

Upcoming meeting dates for the Sherwood Forest Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) are:

  • Wednesday May 5th at Orchard Park
  • Wednesday June 9th at University Heights
  • Wednesday Sept 8th at Sherwood
  • Wednesday Oct 13 – location TBA

The ARC is dealing with the Board’s recommendation to close Sherwood Forest Public School.

You can keep up to date about the ARC at http://www.tvdsb.ca/board.cfm?subpage=102817

Members of the community are invited to speak at the ARC meetings. The ARC Public Consultation Form is available at http://www.tvdsb.ca/files/89379/ARC%20Public%20Consultation%20Form.pdf. This form must be submitted to the Board not less than 8 days ahead of the meeting.


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