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City of London initiative to reduce impact of students in established neighborhoods

This City initiative is to try and reduce the impact of students in established neighbourhoods adjacent to the University and to Fanshawe. If adopted, the recommendations will provide guidance for appropriate locations, forms and concentrations of intensification in Near Campus neighbourhoods and provide policies and planning tools that will be used in the review
of planning applications within these neighbourhoods.

Click to access GreatNearCampus-FinalCirrculationReport.pdf

Sherwood Forest Public School

On November 24, 2009, the trustees received a report from Administration recommending the establishment of an Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) which would include the school communities of Sherwood Forest, Orchard Park and University Heights Public Schools. Criteria used in selecting school areas to be involved in ARCs have included the number of empty pupil places in a school, the physical condition of the school itself, etc.

The trustees approved the recommendation that the proposed accommodation review advance to the next stage for consideration: the Capital Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC). The CPAC consists of an established committee of community representatives which will provide input to a trustee who will chair this meeting. This trustee will, in turn, share the input of the CPAC with the Board at which point a decision will be made by the trustees as to whether to establish an ARC.

If the ARC proceeds and if the sale of Sherwood Forest P.S. is recommended, under Provincial law, the properties will be offered at fair market value to the Separate Board, the City and to UWO. All parties have 90 days in which to present an offer to purchase. If after the 90 days, there is not an offer to purchase the property, then the Board may proceed to offer the properties for sale on the open market. The Board is required to sell the property at fair market value.

Should you have any additional questions,  feel free to contact:
Marion Moynihan
Superintendent of Education, Banting / Oakridge / Saunders Community of Schools
Thames Valley District School Board
Tel: 519-452-2000 ext. 20075, Fax: 519-452-2485

Medway bridge and multi-use paved pathway in the Medway Valley Heritage Forest

City Council has placed a moratorium on all paved pathways in Environmentally significant Areas in London in response to concerns raised by groups near the Coves, Meadowlily Woods, Lambeth, as well as the Medway Valley. This matter will be reviewed by the city’s Planning Committee in the new year.


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