Medway, Wonderland Road, LTC service, former Sherwood Forest School site, and prowlers

Proposed Changes to the Metamora Entrance to the Medway Valley

The city is considering changes this spring to the Metamora entrance to the Environmentally Significant Area. In addition to replacing the railings, the following is proposed.
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Update on school site development, reminder about LTC meeting and Nature in the City

Sherwoord School Site

The site plan for the development of 15 condo singles was approved at the City’s Planning and Environment Committee this week. The recommendation goes to the full City Council next week where it is expected to pass. The 8 houses (4 along Wychwood and 4 along Finsbury) were not part of the site plan but are shown in the attached. At the meeting it was clarified that there is no road widening required for this development.
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Public participation meeting for Sherwood Forest school site development – January 7, 2019

The site plan application for the development on the former Sherwood Forest School site will be presented at a public participation meeting before the Planning Committee of City Council at City Hall on January 7th no earlier than 5:15 pm. Our Councillor, Phil Squire, is a member of this committee.

The city’s report outlines what will be built on the site (15 single detached vacant land condo units) as well as the landscaping plan. Four single family homes will also be built along each of Wychwood Park and Finsbury (see the drawing in the report). Access to the development will be via Wychwood Park at Scarlett. A widening of the road in this area will be required.

The agent for the developer has told us that construction of the 15 condo units would likely start in March 2019. The single family lots have been offered for sale and will be built by others.
This is the culmination of a process that started when the school was slated for closure in 2012. The development is keeping with what the neighbourhood was presented with at the AGM and the meeting held at the Medway Arena in April.

If you have questions, you can contact (519-661-CITY) the planner who wrote the report, Vanessa Santos (x4847) or her manager, Michael Pease (x7601). One or both of them will be back in their offices on January 2nd.

The open house to discuss amenities for the rest of the site, which will become a city park, is slated for the evening of Wednesday, February 6th (time and location to be announced). You will be getting a letter from the City with details.

Update on LTC Proposed Change and Date for Meeting on the Development


We have some additional information about the LTC proposal to modify bus service in the neighborhood, including materials from the open house held in November, and ridership data for the current Monday to Saturday until 6 pm service (#31). Continue reading “Update on LTC Proposed Change and Date for Meeting on the Development”

Proposed LTC service changes and timing of development at the former Sherwood Forest School site

Proposed LTC Service Changes

LTC is proposing service changes in our area including running buses along Lawson Road during evenings and weekends. LTC is seeking input on this change. You may have already received a card in the mail.

There will be an open house at the Sherwood Branch library on November 27th between 2 and 4 pm and between 6 and 8 pm. There is also an on line survey at under Service Updates. You have to do a little digging to find the change as there are a number of other changes – the change in our area would be to the #9 route. You can also e-mail comments to

The last time this change was proposed, it was quite contentious. LTC will be making a final decision on this and other route changes in January.

Development at the Sherwood Forest School Site

The City will be holding a meeting in late January to review options for the park development. The public participation meeting at City Hall for the site plan for the new housing development is to be held on January 7, 2019. We don’t have the time yet, but will post that when available. According to the developer, if all goes well at City Hall, construction of the new housing will begin in March of 2019.