August Neighbourhood Newsletter‏

Sherwood Forest School Site

City staff will be mailing a notice of the next City-led community meeting on the proposed re-zoning of the school site. Keep an eye out for it. The goal continues to be for staff to have a recommendation in front of the City’s Planning Committee this fall.

London Plan

The London Plan is the city’s new land use plan. It is to be presented for approval to the new council in late winter or early spring 2015. There are many changes to land use planning which have the potential to have an impact on all neighbourhoods including ours. More about these changes in future e-mails, but here are just two:

p. 24, policy #51.10 – Integrate affordable housing in all neighbourhoods and explore creative opportunities for rehabilitating our public housing resources.

At present, it is unclear as to how the new Plan defines neighbourhood. The City tends to include us in a wider area called the Medway Planning District.

p. 253, policy #946 – Converted dwellings may be permitted in appropriate locations within the Neighbourhood Place Type, subject to a zoning by-law amendment.

Converted dwellings are defined in the Plan as – the conversion of an existing residential dwelling to accommodate two or more dwelling units, without making substantive changes to the exterior of the building.

It is currently unclear how ‘appropriate’ will be determined.

These are important changes and it will be helpful to ask candidates for Mayor and ward councillor what they think these changes will mean to our community.

A Reminder

If you are leaving your car outside overnight, be sure to lock the doors.


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