ARC – Update on School Board Meeting

The meeting at the Board of Education on May 24th went well. Those who presented did a great job of letting the trustees know the importance of the schools to our neighbourhood. People spoke strongly about the importance of the green space and making sure Orchard Park P.S. is ready for new students, particularly in getting a better gym. Thanks to everyone who spoke at the meeting and to those who attended.

The Trustees asked a number of questions and the Board Administration was tasked with providing some answers prior to the Board’s June 28th meeting when the Trustees are scheduled to vote on this matter.

At this point, it is anticipated that the Administration will continue to recommend Sherwood Forest P.S. be closed and the site declared surplus. It is up to the Trustees though and hopefully, letters to them and being in the gallery on the 28th will have an impact.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact Sandy Levin


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