2nd public information session for Sarnia Road widening‏

The city is holding the 2nd public information session regarding the widening of Sarnia from Wonderland to Sleightholme on Tuesday June 1, 2010 at St. Thomas More School, 18 Wychwood Park. It is a drop-in open house from 4:30 to 7:30 pm.

The recommendations are:

  • Widen the road to 5 lanes
  • Restrict left turns at the west leg of Castlegrove and Sarnia
  • At Sarnia and Wonderland:
    – provide for a future double southbound left from Sarnia
    – remove all right turn islands at the intersection
  • Relocate the pedestrian signals at Rippleton to just east of the intersection
  • Restrict left turns at Leyton Cres
  • Provide on street cyling lanes
  • Provide noise barriers only as required based on City policy

For further information contact either Doug MacRae at the city dmacrae@london.ca or the consultant, Sabrina Stanlake, sstanlake@dillon.ca


One thought on “2nd public information session for Sarnia Road widening‏

  1. A central island to limit traffic from Leyton to/from Sarnia Road IS NOT NECESSARY.
    Me and my neighbors know that at certain times of the day, traffic restricts easy acess to/from Sarnia Road, and we have other alternatives, but PLEASE do not force us to make those alternative routes mandatory.

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