Overnight Parking and Other Community News

From Councillor Squire re: Extension of Overnight Parking to November 1

Please respond by Monday, August 31 to psquire@london.ca

A proposal will be coming before City Council to extend overnight parking on city streets to November 1.

The seven-week pilot project would evaluate the impact on leaf collection, calculate lost ticket revenue and gauge public reaction. Last year 6,500 tickets were written during that period (after Labour Day weekend to October 31), with a value of $227,000.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Friends of Medway Creek

This is a group under the auspices of the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority with an interest in the entire Medway Creek watershed (of which our part is but a small piece). If you are interested in being part of it, please contact Julie Welker (welkerj@thamesriver.on.ca) at the Upper Thames (519-451-2800 ext. 255). If you do join and wish to share information with our community at large, please let Sandy Levin know. You can learn more about this group at:

Shortcut to Community Website

You can now use opsfrp.ca to quickly go to our community web site.

(Traditionalists can still use http://orchardparksherwoodforestratepayers.ca/)

Interesting Mid-Century Modern Architecture in our Neighbourhood

1137 Western Road – John G. Althouse Building (1966) Designed by London architects Howard L. Hicks and Victor Marsh. Outstanding and unique example of Mid-Century Modern style Stone, concrete, bronze / copper (?); unique round library, large windows, two interior courtyards, cantilevered entry roof; interior features terrazzo flooring, glazed tile, original doors and hardware, decorative railings; main auditorium features original decorative brick walls, theatre classrooms feature Heywood-Wakefield seats

Church of the Transfiguration (1962) Designed by Massey-medal winning London architect Philip Carter Johnson. Outstanding and unique example of regional-influenced Modernist style concrete, metal siding (added later); repeating rows of small pierced windows of coloured cathedral glass along both sides of the building; extraordinary custom-made mosaic doors (now mounted inside the Church to prevent weather-related deterioration); unique pole light fixture; full suite of original church furniture on-site

122 Bloomfield Drive
(circa 1956). Outstanding and unique example of regional-influenced Modernist style. Stone and wood shingle siding, flat roof, large windows, and garage roof-top deck with horizontal railings. It was designed by a California architect and featured in a 1957 home design/decor magazine.

August Neighborhood News

Sherwood Forest Park Site

We are still awaiting an update from city staff on the timelines for the tendering of the portion of the site that will become housing. Stay tuned.

All the buildings and even the sidewalks on the site have been removed. We were told (second hand) that the gym is going to be rebuilt in the village of Mossley. When the demolition crew is done, they are to hydro-seed the site with grass seed.

Councillor Squire is very aware of our interest in getting something into the upcoming City four year budget for park amenities.

Medway Valley Heritage Forest

The next step in the Conservation Plan was to occur in the summer. The city staff in charge of this project were on strike. We are hoping there will be a meeting in the community at this stage of the process as there was at the beginning of the project. Councillor Squire will make our wishes known to city staff.

Budget Survey

Click here here for the results of the survey Councillor Squire distributed at our AGM in May.

Medway Seniors Series for August 2015

Wednesday, August 12th from 2 to 3 p.m at the Sherwood Library branch.

As requested by local Medway seniors, please join us for a fun and interactive afternoon taught by Susan Vrancic of Waverley Retirement Residence.

Whether you know a little or nothing at all, the session will introduce the basics of some popular card and board games. There will be no pressure and lots of fun and assistance offered.

The session is free with no registration required. Bring a friend! For more information, call 519-473-9965.

Western Road and Sarnia Road / Philip Aziz Avenue Improvements

Last week, the City held the first of two public information sessions on its plans to improve the traffic flows at the Sarnia and Western Road intersection. As an Environmental Assessment, the city is required to examine alternatives, and make recommendations as to the best alternative (a similar process has just been completed for the Wharncliffe and Oxford intersection and the passage under the railroad bridge). You will find the alternatives being considered at this point on the next to last page of the presentation.

springettYou will see that the study is evaluating as one possibility, diverting traffic from the west end of the Springett Parking lot through the neighbourhood to relieve the traffic at the Sarnia/Western Road intersection thru by-passing the intersection. This could also include a new traffic light between Western and Sleightholme. It could also increase cut through traffic from the University to Wonderland. Nothing decided at this point, you should be aware that this process is underway so that you might submit comments (see the last page of the attached which indicates the due date for comments and where to send them). Also under consideration is a double left turn for westbound traffic from Western Road.

There will be a second public meeting in the fall where the consultants will present the preferred option for comment. After this meeting, a report will be written and open for public comment. I will be keeping you up to date on this matter.

Buckthorn Busting in the Medway

buckthorn mapJoin a group of neighborhood environmental stewards to help remove an invasive species from the Medway Valley Heritage Forest Environmentally Significant Area (ESA).

What: Medway Buckthorn Busting
When: Thursday June 25 6-8 pm

See the map for the location. Parking is available along Glenridge Cresc.

Families are welcome; people should wear suitable clothing and footwear for outdoor work (sandals or flip flops are probably not a good idea). Equipment will be supplied by the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority.

Contacts for the Orchard Park / Sherwood Forest ESA Adoption group:
Patti Prieur plprieur@hotmail.com
Ruth Walton jrwalton@sympatico.ca

Survey of OPSF residents

Here is the survey that Councillor Phil Squire distributed at our AGM last month. He is looking for responses by the end of this month. Your comments can be sent to his attention at City Hall, 300 Dufferin Ave or by e-mail at psquire@london.ca

In addition, there is an on-line survey (open until June 23) posted at the City’s web site asking for your input on London’s Strategic Plan priorities. It, and the entire Strategic Plan can be found at:

Neighbourhood Update

Community Meeting/AGM and BBQ

Looking forward to seeing you at 6 pm at Orchard Park School on Thursday, May 28th for our annual meeting – this year, preceded by a BBQ and social. Flyers should arrive in your mailbox late this week or weekend.

We have a few small lawn signs about the event to help spread the word. Please offer to take one, particularly if you live on Heathcote, Maldon, or Middlewoods or haven’t seen another sign! Just email Sandy Levin with your address.

Councillor Squire is holding a Ward Meeting This Week

Councillor Squire will be at our AGM next week. If you can’t make it next week, consider attending his ward meeting this Thursday, May 21 at 7 pm at Kings College (see map). He has asked Greg Barrett from the City Planning Division to attend the start of the meeting to go over the terms of reference for the new Greater Near Campus Neighbourhood study. This study will deal with the housing issues in the Near Campus area which includes Orchard Park and Sherwood Forest. Councillor Squire will make a brief presentation on some of the things going on at City Hall since the new council was elected:

1. The new multi-year budget process and municipal taxes.
2. Rapid Transit and how it may affect Ward 6.
3. How the new council is working together.
4. Setting priorities for new City initiatives.

He will also answer any questions you have.

Reminder About Safety This Summer

Always lock your doors, even if you are just in the yard for “a minute.” A theft was reported in the area over the weekend where the thief just walked into a house during the day and took a number of things while the home was occupied.

May Neighborhood News

AGM and COMMUNITY GET TOGETHER May 28th at Orchard Park Public School

Mark your calendar for the annual general meeting and Community Get Together (we are planning a BBQ) starting at about 6 pm. We will be joined by Councillor Squire who will give us a City Hall update and respond to your questions. Bring a neighbour and spread the word.

We have some small lawn signs to help publicize the event. If you are willing to have one on your lawn for a couple of weeks, please let me know.


On Wednesday, May 13th from 2 to 3 p.m at the Sherwood Library, please join us for an informative and interactive presentation “Brain Gym Refresh by Susan Vrancic from the Waverley Retirement Residence. The session is free with no registration required. Bring a friend! For more information, call 519-473-9965.


There is a public participation meeting at City Hall on May 19th from 7:30 pm in the City Council Chambers regarding this initiative. City Staff will present draft terms of reference to the Planning and Environment Committee (PEC). If you can’t make the meeting, but wish to have your comments on the agenda, write to hlysynsk@london.ca with a note that asks to have your submission included on the May 19th agenda of PEC.


If you can’t get to the AGM on May 28th to hear from and ask questions of Councillor Squire, he is holding a community meeting on May 21 at Kings College from 7 pm. Please spread the word.


Here is a flyer from the City about happenings to protect our ESA. There are a number of links in the flyer that will take you to additional information including the ongoing Conservation Master Plan (CMP). City staff indicate that they plan to make a presentation to the City Council’s Planning and Environment Committee this summer about the CMP. Stay tuned.


The City of London has awarded a contract to Fer-Pal Construction Limited for the 2015 Structural Lining Program. The work will include the cleaning and structural lining of existing watermains on the following streets including restoration of roadways, curb and gutters, sidewalks, driveways, and boulevards that are disturbed during construction:

  • Middlewoods from Lawson Road to Sarnia Road,
  • Brentwood Crescent from Middlewoods to Middlewoods,
  • Brentwood Place for the full extent
  • Lonsdale Drive from Maldon Road to Bromleigh Avenue,
  • Heathcote Avenue from Lonsdale Drive to Leyton Crescent,
  • Bromleigh Avenue from Lonsdale Drive to Leyton Crescent and
  • Lawson Road from Wonderland Road to Wychwood Park

More info


The new Community Mailboxes will have slots for outgoing mail.